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Tough Times: Should You Hire A Professional Coach Now?

As you're undoubtedly aware, coaching has become a big thing in the world of business. However, you may be one of those who says, "I'm just hanging in there. How would I ever afford a coach?"

But, my experience has shown me that almost everyone benefits most from coaching when they think they can't afford it!

Why? Because good coaching is motivational. More than that, it is downright inspirational. And, when do you need inspiration? When things aren't going right. In other words, right now!!!!

You Can't Create your 'Best Self' Alone

As a pianist since I was four years old, I know that peak performance comes only with practice-perfect practice. And, therein lies the rub. When you attempt to learn to play the piano by yourself, without a teacher, you can't hear yourself play. You can't make adjustments fast enough alone. You need a great piano teacher who is helping you assess your performance, make adjustments, and stretch to higher goals.

When you're in a slump, you're operating from fear. You're operating with a lack of confidence. Your self-esteem has flown. That's the absolute worst time to rely on your ability to motivate yourself!

Skills: Those Pesky Things We Can't Master Alone

The difference between one person's success in any field and another lies, in part, in their comparable skills. All pianists can put their hands on the keys. They can play the notes. But, most pianists haven't mastered playing the notes. That takes practice and coaching.

We Settle for 'Good Enough'

A few years ago, there was a fellow named Sam who worked as an agent in the real estate office I managed. Sam was a self-taught pianist. He played for his church. He related to me that the people at his church thought he was a great pianist. Sam told me he had never taken lessons, but was considering it. I got the idea that he thought he was already a great pianist, and questioned whether lessons would really help him. Then, I heard him play. As a person who has played piano since age four, and has a bachelor's degree in piano, I listen a little differently to pianists. Sam didn't play that well, but he sure did play loud and fast!

The sad thing is that he really didn't know how much better he could have been with some coaching. Sam approached his real estate business the same way. He rushed from idea to idea, always looking for the fast buck. So, he never developed a great real estate business, because he didn't take the time to learn and apply systems and processes. He had so much potential, but it was his nature to 'go it alone' and attain only modest success.

How to Know if You Could Benefit from a Professional Coach

If you're:
  • Not optimizing your talents
  • Not attaining your goals
  • Spending too much time spinning your wheels
  • Spending too much money for little return
  • Hitting ceilings of achievement
  • Lacking motivation
  • Lacking self-confidence
  • Experiencing a changed environment and don't know what to do to get back into control
What Professional Coaches can Do for Us:
  • Coaches help us focus on our goals so we get there faster
  • Coaches help us get into meaningful action
  • Coaches encourage us to keep on keeping on
  • Coaches offer resources for new ideas so we can take a different look.
  • Coaches appreciate our efforts
  • Coaches inspire and motivate us
  • Coaches help us adjust successfully to a changed environment
Bottom line: Coaches see the potential in us that we can't see in ourselves.

Carla Cross, CRB, MA, coach, trainer, and author of 6 internationally published books, is an international speaker and former master Certified Real Estate Broker (CRB) national instructor. Her coaching company, Carla Cross Coaching, combines her background in performance mastery with her proven sales and management systems.

Posted By: Carla Cross.

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